Accounts & Bookkeeping:
This is our most popular service and is what sets us apart from most other accountancy firms as we work with you on a monthly basis. Sometimes referred to as "shoe box accounting", you let us have all your paperwork monthly and we will sort the rest out for you.

No VAT, Financial Statements, Self Assessments, Payroll, Construction Industry Schemes (CIS) to worry about. For one small monthly fee we take care of it all. Just think of the time this frees up for you to be more proactive within your Business.

Another major benefit to this level of service is we deal with queries on a monthly basis not 18 months after the event.

Smart People

Get out and about, Network, develop leads. Leave the Accounts to us.  Work Smarter not Harder !


Sage Training


Sage / Quick Books Training:
Of course we know there are many businesses out there being run as a husband and wife team where one of the partners may wish to take care of their own bookkeeping.

This is where our Sage / Quick Books training comes in handy. If you prefer taking care of your own bookkeeping we can train you using either of the above software packages in such a way that when it comes to your Year End Accounts and filing your Self Assessments we can be very competitive on price.

Company Formation:
When starting out in business there are many decisions to make, one of which is: should I trade as a Sole Trader / Partnership or form a Limited Company. There are of course many pros and cons for each but we would usually, in most cases, recommend starting out as a Sole Trader / Partnership and then look at maybe incorporating later. As legislation changes so often this is a consultation service we offer free of charge. For example in 2016 the Government has stated they will be making changes to the Tax Credit system on Dividends.

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Personal Development:
This is a lifelong process. It's a way for people to assess their skills and qualities, consider their aims in life and set goals in order to realise and maximise their potential.

When starting your own business no one really knows how large your business will become or how successful you will be. So the right preparation when your business is small will have a large impact as you grow.

A successful business person will tell you it's 10% your idea, 45% the process of getting your idea to a customer and 45% your attitude and skills.

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